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lads, to the one and only "Simply Dazzling" the "Fanlistings Network" approved fanlisting for the British actress Bonnie Wright, best known for her role as Ginevra Molly "Ginny" Weasley in the Harry Potter series. It is a great honor for me to run this listing for such an actress, if you feel the same way, make sure to jump to the listing page and join. This fan listing is proudly part of BonnieWrightOnline, Accio Addicts and Potter's. Thank you, and enjoy.

fanlisting? what?

I'm glad you're asking. You see, the human mind can come up with the most beautiful things ever, some person, I honestly do not have the honor to know who exactly, came up with the idea of a fan listing, where you simply join to show your love and support to a certain matter, e.g. an actor, a movie, a concept .. etc. all you have to simply do is fill a form with your name, your email and where you're from, if you have a website, you can add that as well, after you add a small shiny button to show your visitors your affection for that certain listing. Am I talking too much? *shuts up*.


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The ninth of June of year two thousands and ten

Hello again lads! I'm back with a brand new layout after almost a year, I couldn't get rid of the old one because it was so special to me, but when new photo shots appear online, I had to just give this a new look. Happy early birthday to this fan listing, hope you enjoy the bright colors and excited as I am for another year for Potter and the gang.

The fifteenth of June of year two thousands and nine

The fanlisting is proudly and finally open for everyone to join, take a look around and enjoy every moment. On a side note, I am honored to say that this listing is part of BonnieWrightOnline, best source, in my eyes, for every Bonnie Wright, check it out, if you did not already.